Monthly Archives: December 2011

Tetra Use by Tamil Nadu Police

It was quite a surprise when we received a support call on the 9th Dec this year from one of our Police Clients who have deployed our system for tracking and dispatching Police vehicles based on information from tetra radios.

Our system is deployed with

  • a dedicated & independent map server
  • our Tetra Receiver
  • our back end tracking server (with standby)
  • our silverlight based front end
  • with tetra radios & base stations

One of our batch jobs installed have failed to do some routine maintenance task and we never thought this would become an issue in this case. The reason, we did not expect this system will be used very much (which was bad on our part!)

But on the contrary, when we got the secure access & logged in, we realized that this system is being used very regularly and sense of a great surge of satisfaction looking at it. It took a little more than 30 minutes for us to solve the reported issue, but this was a good opportunity to see that our system performs really well in this situation with a reasonably good load.