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Custom GPS Tracking solution released for beta.

PM2 team has completed the phase 1 development of its GPS tracking software system. This system is built with much improved capability to scale to as many number of tracking devices as necessary.

Some of the highlights are

  • Plgugin support for almost all the maps viz., Google, Yahoo, Bing, Open Street Maps, Custom Map Server Implementations etc.,
  • Live Tracking with COMET support for checking the live movement of the vehicle on the Map as well as on summary
  • Route history on map with playback and static option
  • Idle History on map
  • Fence support with Area fencing, route fencing and way point fencing
  • Administration pages for devices, mobiles, driver management
  • Charting for richer visualization of data
  • Support for any kind of vehicle tracking devices along with TetraFlex API and Sepura Serial support
  • SDS support for Tetra based systems
  • Alerts module with overspeed, stoppage, scheduled alert etc., are under alpha stage.
A sample screenshot of the live map screen is as below.
Live Map on

Live Map screen

For a sneak peek, visit and try the system with a username/password: demo/demo2011.

For Commercial inquiries, drop us an email at muthu(at the rate of)


TetraFlex API

May be an old news.. But still newsworthy for us :)

DAMM is one of the leading contenders in the infrastructure space in Tetra technologies providing a powerful IP based system for Tetra Communications. A minimal infrastructure is usually setup with a base station, a dispatcher and with subscriber management capability.

The Sepura radios blend beautifully with Tetraflex and we were able to implement for TamilNadu police in Salem with all its capabilities of tracking, Short Data Service etc., The accuracy and the update capability of the GPS module in Sepura is fantastic.

Our GPS Software System integrated this providing a great experience for emergency services. A great first that we take pride on :)

Take a look at  the nice article from The Hindu Salem police to be first in State to get TETRA